GAW Qualifications and REN Forms – Update

| 18/12/2019

REN form process

Step 1

Complete REN form part 1, 12 weeks before the event and send to your DC. This must also be sent to the outdoor adviser (in Cheshire Border this is your residential section adviser) and host adviser (if venue outside of Cheshire Border).

Email contact:

The relevant adviser will acknowledge receipt of your email. If they do not after 7 days, then please resend the email as it may be they have not received it at your first attempt.

Step 2

Complete relevant paperwork and send part 2 with all paperwork asked for on the form 4 weeks before the event. This needs to again be sent to both the DC and your relevant section adviser (the paperwork may not be fully complete but is expected to be relevant at the time on sending, we know risk assessments may change closer to the event however a RA is still expected to be seen).

We use this form to collect data on our County’s residentials as well as to ensure events are following guidelines and procedures correctly.

GAW qualifications

If a leader wishes to complete their GAW qualification, the relevant GAW section adviser should be contacted and they can help to find a mentor and provide a GAW qualification book free of charge. The adviser can offer advice and support to both the leader undertaking the qualification and mentor if needed.

The GAW section adviser will expect to receive the completed qualification book for verification no later than 3 months after the date of the event. After this the advisers cannot guarantee they will be able to award the qualification.  The REN form and other aspects of going away change regularly and if a significant amount of time passes between the event and completion of the qualification, things recorded for the qualification may then not be relevant.

If a leader is completing additional modules for their GAW, when sending in the qualification book for verification, please also send your qualification so the additional modules can be signed off on it. New certificates will not be awarded for additional modules.