Big Bang @ Crewe

| 16/12/2019

Fantastic STEM opportunity for groups of Guides, Rangers and Young Leaders in either Year 9/10 or 12

A chance to be imaginative and get creative.

Task – Research, design and develop a delivery vehicle or a delivery method which helps AO to reduce their carbon emissions when they are making deliveries, or even eliminate them altogether.

Taking part would look great on a CV, UCAS form or job application form. There could be work experience or apprenticeship links made too!

Unit leaders, please encourage girls to take part. This is a wonderful chance to show a how great we are at teamwork, problem solving and general genius! Your whole unit may even want to take part (got to be a link to an UMA/Skills Builder or Interest Badge in there somewhere!)

Have a look at the project in more detail         AO The Big Bang Green Logistics Challenge Pack 2019

Starts 20 January 2020

Submit a report about your design by 9 March 2020

Finalists will be invited to present their idea at Big Bang @ Crewe event  Saturday 28 March.

There are prizes for the top 3 presentations as well as the unit involved!

Contact Karen if you are interested in taking part by 15 Jan 2020