We can climb indoors at Rope Race, Marple or Awsome Walls, Stockport all the year round but in the summer months we try to visit Teggs Nose to climb and abseil outside.

If girls have climbed outside before it is possible to meet at Windgather Rocks near Kettleshulme.

The maximum group size we can take is 10 and the cost will be around £10.00 an hour indoors or £4 outdoors per person. This includes entrance fees and a donation towards our county climbing gear. 

Haslington Rangers attended a climbing taster day at Tegg’s Nose in June. The photos show how much they enjoyed themselves.  

The Girlguiding Climbing Scheme covers anyone wishing to take members of Girlguiding climbing (indoors or out) and abseiling, or on related activities such as scrambling and mountaineering.