Express members are Rangers (anyone aged between 14 – 25). Getting involved also counts as Element 4 (Service in Guiding) of the Queen’s Guide Award (full guidelines on fulfilling expectations for this element will be discussed on appointment)

Being a representative for Express! can take many different forms. It is an opportunity to bring the voices of the girls from your division or county to the table and have them heard on a wider scale. If you are passionate and enthusiastic about Girlguiding and want to help it grow and adapt, then this is a role for you!  Express! allows you to connect with new people, challenge yourself and acquire new skills, which will stay with you throughout life. We discuss various issues on a county level and work to address these whilst also having a lot of fun and creating new friendships along the way.

If you are interested in joining us, Karen, your County Commissioner or Rosie, Chair of Express