Leader Development Programme

The Leader Development Programme (LDP) is full of helpful courses for anyone that volunteers in a unit. To become a leader, you must complete the LDP in full.

Below is information on how the LDP process works within Cheshire Border. This process is new, so please bear with us as we settle into the new way of working.

This page will cover the following:

  • Volunteers wishing to become Leaders
  • Guidance for Commissioners
  • Guidance for Mentors
  • Volunteers working on the Leadership Qualification

Find out more about the LDP by watching the video on the Learning Platform. If you have any questions about the LDP then please contact our LQ coordinators, Libby or Sophie on: leadership@girlguidingcheshireborder.org.uk

For volunteers wishing to become Leaders

Getting started

In order to get started with the LDP, you will need to do the following:

  1. Speak to your commissioner – your commissioner plays an important role in your LDP journey and it’s important that she is aware you are carrying out this training so that she can help you along the way.
  2. Complete one of the two access options for starting the LDP on the Learning Platform – There are two options, you only need to follow one of them:
    • Option 1 – This is aimed at volunteers who are new to guiding. You will be guided through the ‘Getting started in Girlguiding’ and ‘Growing in Girlguiding’ sections which are designed to introduce you to volunteering within Girlguiding and help develop your knowledge and understanding of our organisation.
    • Option 2 – This is aimed at those who have been volunteering for a while and already have an understanding of Girlguiding. You will be able to work on the ‘Check your Girlguiding knowledge’ section. To get through the access modules, you must complete every activity, click or open every pop-up, including the pictures which often have information ‘behind’ them and complete the self-reflective evaluations (these are not optional). Once completed, each module will show as 100% complete.
  1. When your chosen access option shows 100% complete, you need to contact your commissioner and ask them to change your role to Leader in Training on GO, at this point the ‘Becoming a leader’ sections will be unlocked.
  2. You will be assigned a mentor at this point.
  3. Talk to your unit team – The other volunteers within your unit team will also play a vital role in supporting you through the LDP by offering you the opportunities to lead, grow and develop. Make sure they know about the path you are on so they can support you too.

Your mentor

Our LQ coordinators will assign you a mentor. They will play a key part in supporting you through your LDP journey. The LQ coordinators will email you and copy in your new mentor and commissioner. However, GDPR says that we cannot pass on your email address to your mentor so you will need to get in touch with them to kick off your supporting relationship.

Your mentor will arrange to either meet you in person or virtually to get to know you and start you off on your journey.

Working through the programme

The LDP is split into three topics:

  1. Building foundations -This includes managing safety and risk, following our policies and keeping information safe.
  2. Engaging guiding – This includes planning for good guiding, celebrating every member and involving girls in decisions and planning.
  3. You and your team – This includes developing as a team, managing the unit’s money and organizing your unit.

There are four mandatory training sessions embedded within the LDP that have to be delivered by girlguiding trainers, they are:

  • Celebrating every member
  • Managing unit accounts
  • Doing our best
  • Effective communication for leaders

These can be booked at National level as webinars via the Learning Platform, or at Regional level on Zoom via the Girlguiding North West England website, or opportunities may arise locally for face to face or Zoom training.

You can work on elements across all three topics at the same time. Your mentor will help you to understand what you need to do to complete each topic and will support you in creating and working towards an action plan. You may choose to work on one topic at a time but watch out for those opportunities that arise that might help you work on another topic too. This is where your unit team can help support you by suggesting elements that the work you are carrying out may cover.

As part of their role, your mentor will visit you in your unit on several occasions and observe you. Each time they will chat to you about how the activities went, and support you in making improvements for the future. It’s important that we are always learning and adapting based on past experiences.

When you have completed all the parts of a topic, you and your mentor will have a discussion and complete a ‘check-in’ document together. You will need to upload this to the Learning Platform. Our LQ coordinators will then review your document, make sure everything is in order and mark that topic as complete.

Completing the LDP
When you have completed all three topics above, there will be one final ‘Check-in’ to complete with your mentor. This will then complete your LDP journey.

At this stage you will still be a leader in training on GO. If you wish to be a fully qualified leader, you will also need to complete A Safe Space level 3 training and Cheshire Border would also encourage you to complete the 1st Response training.

For Commissioners

Key aspects for the commissioner:

  • You will receive a notification when someone has completed one of the two access options and is ready to start the ‘Becoming a leader’ topics for their LDP journey. You will need to update their role on GO to leader in training before they can progress.
  • Young leaders can also start this training programme but please do not update their role on GO. They remain young leaders until they turn 18. Please email the LQ coordinators to let them know when a young leader starts the LDP.
  • You are a key supporter for leaders in training and young leaders completing the LDP. Please check in with them regularly and offer them any help or advise they may need or signpost them to someone who can help.
  • If a leader in training or young leader has not heard from their mentor, please let the LQ coordinators know.

There is a document entitled LDP Guidance for Commissioners which can be found in the FAQ’s section of the LDP on the Learning Platform

There is also a document for DC’s advising of the process to move people from the LQ to the LDP which can be found here:

Advice for DCs re volunteers starting the LDP v2

Mentor recruitment
The mentor role sits at a county level and the LQ Coordinators will assign a mentor to each volunteer embarking on the LDP. However, we need your help to identify people who would make great mentors. If you think someone is suited to the mentor role, please email the LQ Coordinators.

For Mentors

Key aspects for the mentor:

  • You will be assigned new mentees by the LQ coordinators. This will be based on your current number of mentees and the number you have indicated you can support. It will also be based on the geographical area you have agreed to work within.
  • Your mentee will be asked to make contact with you. When this happens, please respond within 2 weeks and arrange an initial meeting with them. This can be in person or virtual.

There is a mentors area on the learning platform and a webinar for mentors, which we would encourage all existing mentors to undertake. Access these areas/resources via the FAQ section of the LDP. There is also a mentor flowchart, please do log into the Learning Platform and read all the relevant aspects, click here to log in: How to Log into the Learning Platform

For volunteers working on the old Leadership Qualification

The old leadership qualification (LQ) must be finished by 1 July 2023.

If you would prefer to work on the new LDP, then please contact the LQ coordinators and let them know as they need to mark your LQ as abandoned before you can start the new LDP. All the material for the new LDP is available online via the learning platform. You will already have a mentor assigned, so you can also let them know that you are swapping to the new LDP scheme

If you wish to finish on the LQ scheme, then please continue to do so. Nothing will change, other than the fixed deadline of 1 July 2023 for completing your LQ books and sending them to our LQ coordinators. After 1 July 2023, it will no longer be possible to qualify as a leader by this route in Cheshire Border.

You can contact our LQ coordinators on leadership@girlguidingcheshireborder.org.uk