Xplore! Science Discovery Centre – Destination Space!

| 09/12/2020

Xplore! Science Discovery Centre has funding to deliver their Destination Space programme with support from the UK Space Agency. This will be appropriate for young people aged 7-18 with different activities within that age range. This will run until the February half term, either in person or virtually with 45 minutes of Destination Space activities as part of the project. They have removed their normal charges but do ask for a donation instead. Activities include discovering how satellites are launched into space, investigating surface samples similar to the ExoMars Rover and discussing the best locations for spaceport sites.

They did do a live stream showcasing what Xplore! can do with Youth Groups if you would like more information, this can be found at here

For more information regarding the Destination Space sessions please email: projects@xplorescience.co.uk and the poster.