Why not have an evening based around our Heritage?

Cheshire Border has an excellent collection of uniforms from previous decades. There is a vast selection of replica/original uniforms to cover from 1909 to the current day, with appropriate hats, belts, etc. These are available to borrow, and we are happy to bring these to your unit or District. Members are welcome to try the uniforms on, but please wear a T-shirt underneath.


  • Uniforms – are available for Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Rangers, Leaders and Commissioners, or we can provide a range of uniforms to cover a specific period.
  • Traditions Box – We have a box for Brownie Traditions and Traditions of Guiding, even some Rainbow items are in this box.  In this box there are games, information sheets and worksheets. We have a Timeline to go with it, if required. The box hasto be booked, as many units use it and it can take a few weeks to complete.
  • In addition – We have a collection of belts, scarves, neckers, lanyards, diaries, camp blankets, badges, flags, posters, books, handbooks, logbooks, photographs, and annuals for both Brownies and Guides.  We also have a collection of International dolls and a collection of dolls in old uniforms, knitted, rag and plastic dolls.
  • Index Cards – Are available from almost every unit dating from when they first started in Cheshire and Cheshire Border.
  • Toadstool – We also have a toadstool with a magic carpet, pond and magic slippers.

Open day – 1st Bollington Guides

Anyone can have a visit to the Archives to view our items. We go to Egerton Hall about once a month.  Units visit us there if required and we can run a session of old games and traditional activities such as semaphore, horseshoes and brownie circles etc. All the above items can be borrowed to go to exhibitions in libraries, museums and other events.

Expenses. There is no charge to borrow anything from us, but the Advisers do need to have their travel expenses paid.

We can give talks and slideshows about the History of the Girl Guides.  We will bring any of the above items and talk about them to any units or  Trefoil Guilds. Donations of items for the Archives are gratefully received; please do not throw anything away before consulting us

Ann Harris

Ann Harris

I  began guiding as a Brownie and Guide and then returned to the movement when my daughter joined. As a leader I worked with Brownies, Guides and Senior Section at various time. I have enjoyed various roles in the District and was County PR Adviser for a time. I took over the archives in 2002.

Jean Lunt

Jean Lunt

I have many happy memories from my days of being a Brownie and a Queen’s Guide and later became a Ranger helper at 16 years. Since I was an Adult Leader at 18 my involvement has been continuous apart from six months ‘maternity leave’! Amongst other roles

I have been Boating Adviser, been involved with the D of E Award, a Commissioner and mentor. I worked with my husband as a leader of a Joint Unit for many years and we have completed well over 100 camps and residentials.

Contact us for a visit or to borrow items traditions@girlguidingcheshireborder.org.uk