Unit Support Grant

The Cheshire Border Unit Support Grant 2020 is available to all units. Up to a maximum of one third of the subscriptions invoice that your unit has paid this year can be claimed back from County funds to help meet the costs of running your unit this year. Please complete and submit this form by 18 September.

Unit Support Grant

Help with starting new units

Trefoil Guild Starter Pack
This grant is for up to £40.00 and covers items from Guiding Essentials with the exception of badges, section wear and regional publications. It is available to any new unit or re-opening unit. The form must be received by the Trefoil Guild Office within six months of the first unit meeting.

Starting a New Unit Grant
Up to £1000 available, must be applied for within 4 weeks of first meeting. Funding covers leaders uniform, activity items, first aidkit, first months rent etc.  For full details of this, as well as other sources of funding for projects, visit the national website. You will need to sign in, then go to Running Your Unit, Finance, Insurance and Fund Raising.

Help with Outdoor Activities – Training and Attendance

Girlguiding North West England has an Outdoor Bursary Fund to help leaders with the financial cost of gaining a qualification in one of the outdoor skills in order to be able to help girls.

Grants & Bursaries

Visit the Girlguiding North West England website for details of grants and bursaries.

  • Ranger Bursary
  • Subscription Support Grant
  • Trefoil Guild New Unit Grant
  • Starting a New Unit Grant
  • Leslie Sell Charitable Trust
  • Marshall Trust Grant Fund
  • Residential Outdoor Bursary
  • Funding for Members with Disabilities
  • Fundraising Guide