Cheshire Border Unit Grant Application Form

All units wishing to apply for this grant, must complete the form below and return it to:

Girlguiding Cheshire Border Grant Request

Capesthorne Division Grant

Grants are available to Capesthorne Division members participating in or leading trips/events which have been arranged by County or Region and who have been through the county selection process.

Members wishing to apply for a grant must complete the application form below and ensure that they have read the supporting information. Members should also consider other sources of funding that are available from Girlguiding and other organisations to help meet the cost of the trip. Capesthorne Division has limited funds and cannot guarantee to fund all eligible applications.

Grant Application Form Girlguiding Capesthorne Division 2022

Moreton Division Grant Application 2022

Unit Recovery Grant

In September 2021, Girlguiding units in England that have been affected by Covid-19 will be able able to apply for a unit recovery grant of £200 to help them continue supporting girls during the coronavirus pandemic.

The grants have been made possible thanks to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and Pears Foundation, as part of the DCMS Community Match Challenge (CMC), alongside additional funds raised by our amazing members during the Act your Age challenge in partnership with BBC Children in Need.


Commissioners in England can now nominate their units for the CMC grant. Please send us your nominations by Monday 13 September by filling in this survey.

Units in Scotland, Ulster and Wales can still be nominated for round 1 of the CMC programme via their Country Manager.

Get all your questions about CMC grants answered at our weekly online surgeries! Surgeries will be held on Thursdays 1 to 2pm from 26 August to 23 September. 

Our FAQs have been updated with information about the new round starting in September 2021.   

How is the grant funded?

Unit recovery grants have been made possible thanks to a range of support. 

The majority of funding has been granted through a match-funding partnership between Pears Foundation and DCMS, as part of Government’s £750m charities support package. As a long-term partner of Pears Foundation, Girlguiding has been chosen to distribute these grants to units most in need. We also received additional funding from Pears Foundation to expand these grants to Scotland, Ulster and Wales. 

The grants also include funding raised by our members during the Act Your Age challenge in partnership with BBC Children in Need in November 2020. 

What can I spend the grant on?

The purpose of the grants is to help keep Girlguiding units open. You can spend the £200 on: 

  • Annual subscriptions. 
  • Equipment or materials to support face-to-face guiding (indoor or outdoor), such as Covid safety materials including sanitiser and masks. 
  • Equipment or software to support virtual guiding, for example activity packs. 
  • Materials or expenses related to at-home guiding. 
  • Training. 
  • Venue costs, such as hall rent. The grant can’t be used to buy or improve a meeting place. 
  • Volunteer recruitment or retention. 
  • Young member recruitment or retention, such as posters. 
  • Other purchases that will help your unit to stay open. 

Who is the grant for? 

The grant is for units that have been particularly affected by Covid and need the grant to keep going in the longer term. If that describes your unit, please ask your commissioner to nominate you.  

For more information about this grant please go to the Girlguiding website of click on the link below:

Unit Recovery Grant

UK Units in Need Grant

A grant to help units who are struggling financially

No matter where they’re based or the financial challenges they face. We want all units to have the opportunity to get involved in guiding events and experiences.

Who is eligible?

A unit in need is one that is either based in a deprived area, experiencing financial difficulty or has been affected by a natural disaster.

Your unit must have been running for at least one year to be able to apply.

How much funding is available?

Your unit can receive up to £250. Each application is considered on an individual basis.

One application per year per unit can be made.

What can the funding be used for?

The grant can be used to cover:

  • Small items of equipment
  • Unit resources
  • Transport for unit members on a trip, camp or holiday
  • Uniform for young members
  • Costs of a trip, camp or holiday (For example, entry fees)

Applications for other costs may be considered.

However, we can’t accept applications to cover:

  • Annual subscriptions
  • Ongoing running costs. This includes badge and hand books for every girl. However, we can fund a small number of copies that stay within the unit.
  • Debts
  • Start up costs for a new unit

Making your application

Don’t forget to include a copy of either your latest annual accounts or a statement showing the current balance of your unit account, dated within the last six months

Your local commissioner also needs to sign your application form.

Application form

Fill in the application form to apply for the grant.


Help with starting new units

Trefoil Guild Starter Pack
This grant is for up to £40.00 and covers items from Guiding Essentials with the exception of badges, section wear and regional publications. It is available to any new unit or re-opening unit. The form must be received by the Trefoil Guild Office within six months of the first unit meeting.

Starting a New Unit Grant
Up to £1000 available, must be applied for within 4 weeks of first meeting. Funding covers leaders uniform, activity items, first aidkit, first months rent etc.  For full details of this, as well as other sources of funding for projects, visit the national website. You will need to sign in, then go to Running Your Unit, Finance, Insurance and Fund Raising.

Help with Outdoor Activities – Training and Attendance

Girlguiding North West England has an Outdoor Bursary Fund to help leaders with the financial cost of gaining a qualification in one of the outdoor skills in order to be able to help girls.

Grants & Bursaries

Visit the Girlguiding North West England website for details of grants and bursaries.

  • Ranger Bursary
  • Subscription Support Grant
  • Trefoil Guild New Unit Grant
  • Starting a New Unit Grant
  • Leslie Sell Charitable Trust
  • Marshall Trust Grant Fund
  • Residential Outdoor Bursary
  • Funding for Members with Disabilities
  • Fundraising Guide