Opening Doorways

| 06/04/2020

This year being the 75th anniversary of the end of the 2nd World War, and with Brexit and if you are (or are likely to be) suffering from Covid-19’s “self isolation”

You might like to have a read of this little book.

During the War, B-P’s name was on the Nazi’s “most wanted” List, and Scouting and Guiding was banned throughout Occupied Europe.  That did not stop it, though.

After the Liberation of France, but before the end of the War, Olave, Lady Baden-Powell, World Chief Guide, was invited by the French Scouts and Guides to attend their St George’s Day Parade in Paris – the first since France was occupied.

But that excursion onto the Continent was just the trigger for a much longer tour across Europe, followed by another.

This is her story:

Guaranteed at least to bring a lump (or two) to your throat.